Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Oslo, Norway

Ambassador Ismail Coovadia and staff welcome you to the official Website of the South African Embassy. The Embassy is also accredited to the Republic of Iceland and serves as a gateway, primarily in both countries, to a large network of information about South Africa.

With this website we intend to present the holistic picture of the structure and activities of the South African Government through links to various government Departments and institutions.

In addition to providing a one-stop facility for access to online government information and services, the site also gives a picture of South Africa’s national and international priorities.

South Africa’s foreign policy priorities are essentially anchored on the African continent through its activities in the South African Development Community (SADC) and the broader regional initiatives through the African Union and its programme of development, NEPAD.

The Letter from the President is a weekly online newsletter which we strongly recommend for those wishing to follow the thoughts of the President of South Africa on current national and international issues.

“Commitment to the development of Africa and the wider world.”

The Embassy invites all citizens of the Republic of South Africa residing in Norway and Iceland to register with the Embassy. The updated contact information of fellow citizens in Norway and Iceland will allow the Embassy to reach you as the occasion arises.

You can register by sending in your registration form by email or to the following address:

South African Embassy
PO Box 2822 Solli
0204 Oslo

Please, do not hesitate to contact Ms Keledi Sambo at (47) 23 27 32 38 or Mr Tony Munro at (47) 23 27 32 23 for further information.

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